ASUS VS228H-P LCD Monitor Review

ASUS VS228H-P Monitor ImageWhen it comes to dependable monitors, I personally will choose ASUS. The company is always near the top of the charts when it comes to top end computer monitors that are sold at reasonable prices.
TheĀ ASUS VS228H-P is one of those computer monitors that will not disappoint. This is not just my opinion, amazon customers have reviewed this product over 7000 times and it is one of the highest rated out there.
Some of the advances with this monitor would be its value. With this monitor being 22 inches, you wouldn’t expect this price to be so low. With that boasts the capability of 5 millisecond response times.
The monitor is EPEAT Gold Certified. This means it has been recognized as being more environmental friendly than other monitors, which is a win for you. Not only is this monitor better for the environment,
it also will use less energy, saving you money over time that may eventually pay for itself! The monitor has an LCD panel and LED light which is great for anyone who plan on playing high quality games.
All monitors have some things that are not as good as others. This monitor does not have much flexibility or adjustments at all when it comes to the mount. It inst able to be adjusted, so
if you are going to have dual monitors, you need to make sure its either the same brand or at the same height. There are also complaints on the back light. The monitor seems to have uneven back lights at certain angles and colors displayed.



Great price
Low MS
Energy Efficient


People do say the back-light can sometimes seem uneven.

All in all theĀ ASUS VS228H-P monitor is a must have if you are looking for a low budget monitor that has tons of value.

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