BenQ RL2455HM 24-Inch MLG gaming monitor

When playing games, one of the most important things is clarity of the graphics. Clarity can only be provided by a high quality monitor and the BenQ MLG Gaming Monitor RL2455HM is the best choice I have ever made in relation to gaming monitors. All the features and functions were meticulously thought out in efforts to provide the ultimate experience for the gamers. The monitor assists a great deal in the achievement of clear visibility and the commands help in achieving peak performance.

BenQ Gaming Monitor Response Time

Time is of the essence when playing fast paced games and the response time is the difference between losing and winning. What I have noticed with the BenQ RL2455HM is the fact that the response time is 1ms GTG and this simply means that you will have an enhanced gaming experience that will not only let you win, but conquering will be your slogan. What I have come to love about my monitor is that fast moving action is delivered smoothly and the dramatic transitions are rendered efficiently such that any annoying effects are eliminated. I have not experienced any ghosting or smearing even in high speed racing games. The monitor simply lets you control the destiny of your gaming.

Visibility Equalizer

BenQ has teamed with pro gamers to create the Black eQualizer which is geared towards enhancing the visibility control. When playing a range of games, I noticed that the visibility differs and this creates a need to control visibility where dark areas can be brightened and extremely light areas can be darkened for easy play. All these adjustments can be done without compromising other scenes. With this feature, I can spot the enemies and poor visibility cannot cost me the game anymore.

Viewing Preferences

The BenQ RL2455HM 24-Inch monitor has smart scaling and display mode features that allow you to customize the monitor view that suits the game you are playing. You can interchange between the 4 available screen sizes with the help of the display mode. The smart scaling feature allows you to scale screen content and choose a customized size that you feel comfortable with. For an enhance picture and view quality, you can use the two functions together. This is what makes your gaming experience different from when you are using any other monitor; you get to choose what you want.

User Friendly

The BenQ RL2455HM 24-Inch 1080p MLG console gaming monitor has a number of strong holds and one of them is its ease of use. The OSD, which is newly designed, allows you to conveniently alter the settings in a user-friendly side out menu. This makes it easy to navigate through the settings and the options that you can use to make your gaming sessions better. Another thing is the connection. It took me a brief moment to figure out what goes where without using the manual. Everything is straightforward and setting up the monitor is one of the easiest tasks. You can consider purchasing the BenQ MLG Gaming Monitor RL2455HM to improve on your gaming.

 BenQ Monitor Review Video

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